MoneyMaxim aim for Growth in Car Hire Sector as it acquires the CarhireX group

UK (PRWEB UK) 26 September 2014

Moneymaximiser Limited, the company behind leading car hire and car hire excess insurance comparison service , have announced the recent acquisition of the CarhireX group of car hire websites.

CarhireX run a range of sites, primarily designed to focus on specific geographic locations or vehicle types which will, over the coming months, be adapted to offer similar industry leading solutions to those available from moneymaxim.

Moneymaxim is unique in the car hire market in that it offers users the opportunity to compare both car hire and car hire insurance in just one search, allowing customers to avoid significant additional upsell costs either at the rental desk, or when booking car rental through a broker.

This year it further developed its functionality, introducing filters which highlight cars where fuel purchase policies are cost neutral rather than in the car rental firms favour and those which offer free additional drivers. Recently it has started offering low cost sat nav and wireless internet rental to its users.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of Moneymaximiser said today: “We have seen steady growth in users of our core businesses looking for a better deal when it comes to car hire, and have been looking for ways to improve our visibility to potential car renters. Buying the more than 25 websites currently within the portfolio will allow us to take a significant step down that route, bringing us established traffic and allowing us to identify car hirers looking for specific locations or car types.

It is an acquisition which has been financed from our company’s capital reserves, and not through third-party financing, which ensures our customers are served free of influence from partners and suppliers. This fundamental principal of our company is a key reason our propositions are so competitive.”

Stuart Lewis-Smith, founder of the CarHireX Group said: “This is the beginning of a new era for CarHireX Group. The plans MoneyMaxim have to transform the car rental price comparison market are exciting and I am glad that this acquisition will help them achieve those goals.”

Moneymaxim plan to update all the sites it has acquired introducing its market leading technology over the coming months.


Principal websites within the acquisition include:

About MoneyMaxim: MoneyMaxim is an independent internet based comparison site offering clients leading negotiated rates for car hire and car hire excess insurance from a number of top brand names. MoneyMaxims unique search engine will do all the hard work, so users can save both on both car rental and excess insurance costs. Excess insurance prices are up to 90% lower than the prices charged for similar cover at Car Hire Desks.

Editor’s Note: Issued by Marketing Decisions. Interviews can be arranged with Mark Bower, MoneyMaxims Managing Director.

For more information please contact

Tony Longstaff on 01628 474280

or by email at


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Video: Does Your City Have the Highest Car Insurance Costs?

Video: Does Your City Have the Highest Car Insurance Costs?
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Collision Insurance Discounts for Auto Owners Now Quoted Online at Insurance Website

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) August 22, 2014

A person who does not have a collision insurance add-on to a regular policy in the U.S. can now view pricing on the Internet using the Quotes Pros website. Auto owners can now access the promoted discounts that appear in the programmed research tool located at

The searchable tool that is accessible includes different coverage limits that a motorist can review this year. One advantage to a system user is the variety in the amount of providers that can be located and compared using the insurer finder application.

“Searching for comprehensive, collision, full coverage or collector policies is easy to complete using our national system,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The discounts that are promoted inside of the quotation system are provided by agencies that are licensed in all 50 USA states to provide coverage to adults. The searching and sorting process is started after entry of a zip code that can be verified inside of the system.

“Privacy is always a concern for the public when purchasing forms of coverage from known and unknown companies and we’re not collecting motor vehicle owner data,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company is expected to continue providing access to its tools this year to help adults find discount pricing for various insurer coverage plans. The health, life, business and medical policies that are viewable from offer alternatives to car insurance.


The company provides the public with a definite way to review and research insurance agency costs using its open research platform on the Internet. The company allows sorting and comparisons by zip code from popular companies. The company makes use of its technology to help keep the public informed when reviewing or comparing direct costs for various coverage packages in the U.S.

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renault car insurance

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Car Insurance Rates for Student Drivers in Texas Now Viewable by Zip Code at Insurer Website Online

Midland, TX (PRWEB) September 28, 2014

Finding rates from insurance companies in the state of Texas will now be an easier process for students this year at the Quotes Pros website. There are now car insurance rates from TX companies available by zip code at

The special rates information that drivers can review through the open search system this year is supplied by known companies in the insurance industry. Student drivers will have access to the price information once insurers are selected in the search portal.

“The TX companies that appear inside of our database are licensed companies that provide price data to drivers who are rates shopping on the Internet,” said a Quotes Pros company source.

The zip code format is used by the website database to help with privacy for car owners. Because some insurers require a range of personal data, the system has been configured to help motorists find companies by zip code before personal information needs to be supplied.

“Our system offers a secure method of price research to car owners who plan to review a listing of companies prior to making a policy purchase,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company has taken steps this year towards upgrading its technologies to benefit the public. The insurer lists that now appear to consumers who enter zip information now includes companies offering health, life, renters and homeowners coverage plans at


The company provides one of the simplest to use tools to find and connect with insurance agencies in the United States. The company database that is open for use this year now connects men and women directly with insurer pricing. The company allows full access to its research system and uses a zip code in order to sort policy providers for the public to review when price research is conducted.

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